Tony Youssef

About Tony Youssef

Tony Youssef is the co-founder and CEO of Pulsar Group. Pulsar Activation is a full-fledged hassle-free brand activation agency that has been based in the UAE for 10 years, with branches in Beirut and Cairo. Pulsar Production is the "State of the Art" manufacturing facility in the MENA region. Prior to Pulsar, Tony was Managing Director of Mobile - freshness MENA Marketing Solution Company.

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Running a Cause Marketing Campaign

When for-profit companies such as American Express, Starbucks, Warby Parker, and Reebok want to express their corporate social responsibility (CSR), they turn to cause marketing. Despite being a relatively young marketing concept, cause marketing has blossomed in recent years thanks in part to the idea of “doing well while doing […]