Ad Sizes For Ad Buyers

If you have decided to use online advertising for marketing, you need to know which ad sizes to use and which to avoid. Plenty of bold claims will come your way about whatever ad size the particular company you are speaking to focuses on, so we’re here to help you sort the signal from the noise in our guide to ad sizes for ad buyers.

Throughout our ad size guide we explain the most common ad units of the moment, with information about the ad unit itself as well as some advice directly for Ad Buyers. Unfortunately we can’t tell you exactly what would be best for you as marketing needs differ so wildly. We can however tell you which ad units generally perform the best, are cheapest, as well as some other useful hints and tips.

For most people or companies just starting out buying ads, we would recommend sticking to the three main IAB Standard Ad Units (160×600, 300×250 and 728×90). This is because these three ad units are incredibly common due to being the most successful across the board, so provide good results, are easy to build and usually available to buy. We don’t recommend the 120×600 or 468×60 in general for the obvious reason – they are just too small (they also usually perform badly).

However this may not be the right path for you, so as always The Online Advertising Guide recommends experimenting and finding what fits your needs the best. There are some great deals out there on lesser known ad units, and if you can make them at a reasonable price then why not test them too? Ad Buying is a strange art form in that it feels like it should be all science, but your gut still usually plays a huge role in the decision making process. If you feel a certain ad size will perform better – give it a go!


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