Ad Pricing Calculators

Whether you are working out your CPM, or your CPV on YouTube we’ve got a calculator for you. Most of these stats are readily available where you are running ads.

However, sometimes it makes more sense to make calculations yourself. This is especially true if you are an advertising professional, and want to make sure all your results are correct.

The below list of calculators is being updated on a continual basis. If there is one missing that you would like us to create for you, please get in touch. We’ll do our best to make it asap!

Feel free to calculate, investigate, or experiment with any of the below free-to-use calculators.

They can be helpful to:

  • Work out long term results
  • Compare items across networks
  • Dream big


Calculators for Ad Pricing

CPV CalculatorCPV Calculator CPE CalculatorCPE Calculator CPA CalculatorCPA Calculator CPC CalculatorCPC Calculator CPL CalculatorCPL Calculator CPM CalculatorCPM Calculator CPI CalculatorCPI Calculator CPD CalculatorCPD Calculator CPvM CalculatorCPvM Calculator PPC CalculatorPPC Calculator


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