VTR Calculator (View-Through Rate)

We have provided a useful online VTR Calculator below to work out your VTR as well as derive the number of impressions and views you would need to get a specific View-Through Rate.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios using our View Through Rate Calculator in order to help you better understand this metric.



What Does VTR Mean?

A view-through is simply when a user watches a video all the way through to the end (without skipping). A view-through can also be applied to watching an ad or presentation all the way through to the end, although this is much less common.

VTR stands for View-Through Rate and is a useful way to compare how engaging different videos are. A great video will frequently be watched all the way through, creating a high VTR.

While VTR is a helpful way to measure the success of a video, it is problematic when judging how successful video ads are and should be avoided in most cases. This is because most video ads are intended to drive further action rather than just have a video viewed in its entirety.



Imagine a new search engine is trying to get people to use it instead of Google. They run a great video ad expounding all benefits of the new search engine compared to Google, and because the video is so great, they choose VTR as their measure of success. However, as it is a video ad they also add a click-through to their search engine so that people can try it.

As the video is so convincing, lots of people click through to the new search engine without finishing the video. The creates a great CTR and also indicates a successful ad campaign. However, as people are clicking away before the video finishes, the VTR is very low.

This is why VTR is a bad measure for most video ads – the higher the CTR, the lower the VTR!


VTR Formula

The VTR equation is:

VTR Formula or Viewk Through Rate EquationClick to enlarge

VTR = (View-Throughs x 100) ÷ Impressions


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