Twitter Engagement Rate Calculator

We have provided a useful Twitter Engagement Rate Calculator below. Use it to work out the Engagement Rate for your tweets, or whole Twitter account.

You can also derive the total impressions and engagements you would need to get a specific Engagement Rate on any tweet. Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you better understand this metric.

Note: Twitter uses a slightly different Engagement Rate formula than Facebook. You can find our Facebook calculator here.



Twitter Engagement Rate Formula

The Twitter engagement rate equation is:

Twitter Engagement Rate EquationClick to enlarge

Twitter Engagement Rate = (Engagements ÷ Impressions) x 100


Where Do I Get Stats for Tweets?

You can find engagements, impressions, and engagement rates by going to while logged in to your Twitter account. There are also some other helpful stats about your best-performing tweets each month, and the demographics of your followers.

You can also go to any individual tweet and click the stats button to find out how it’s performed.


Where Do I Get Stats for whole Twitter Page?

When you are logged into Twitter Analytics, click on the Tweets tab at the top of the page. You can then see your Engagement Rate for your whole page in the top box in the right-hand column.

Note: This engagement rate is for the date range chosen by the date picker on the top right of the page.

Twitter Page Engagement Rate


Average Twitter Engagement Rate

In March 2020, we ran a poll asking Twitter users what their page engagement rate was. Here are the results:

Twitter Engagement Rate BenchmarksClick to enlarge

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Over 1/3rd of Twitter users have an Engagement Rate of under 0.5%
  • Under half of Twitters users have an Engagement Rate over 1%
  • Only around a quarter of Twitter users report an Engagement Rate over 2%



Twitter Engagement Rate Definition


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