Impression RPM Calculator (Revenue Per Thousand)

We have provided a useful Impression RPM Calculator below to work out your RPM as well as derive the number of impressions and cost you would need to get a specific RPM.

Impression RPM calculates the amount of revenue you have received per 1,000 ad impressions (on average).


What Does RPM Mean?

RPM stands for Revenue Per Thousand (with M being the Roman numeral for 1,000). It is generally used to calculate what you would have been paid if all your advertisers were using a CPM model.

The RPM price means that every time something happens 1,000 times, it will earn you that price. The “something” can technically mean anything (impressions, page views, likes etc), however, the default meaning is impressions. If nothing else is specified and someone refers to the RPM of something, you can assume they really mean the Impression RPM.


Impression RPM Formula

This is the Impression RPM equation:

RPM Equation used in our RPM CalculatorClick to enlarge

Impression RPM = (Ad Revenue x 1000) ÷ Impressions

Alternate Equations

You can calculate RPM in the following ways (as well as by using our CPM calculator):

  • Revenue divided by Impressions. Then multiply the result by 1000.
  • Weird version: CTR multiplied by CPC multiplied by 1,000.


RPM Advice

RPM is a great way for website publishers to measure which ad campaigns are actually paying the most money for the space they are using. Advertisers have lots of different goals, however, websites should be focused on the bottom line (revenue). RPM provides a great way to track this.

An Impression RPM is useful to compare which advertisers are the most profitable.

An Impression RPM is also useful to compare different ad campaigns as it shows you how much each individual ad impression is earning you for each campaign. You can increase this by optimising for clicks, which again can generally be achieved by optimising your ad layout.

Impression RPM is often a faster indicator of whether your ad layout is optimal than Page RPM – because if you have bad ad placements your Impression RPM will go down faster than your Page RPM.


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