Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

We have provided a useful Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator below. As there is no official Instagram Engagement Rate, you can use our calculator to work out any of the three most commonly used methods (see below).

You can use our calculator to work out your Instagram Engagement Rate, as well as derive what you would need to hit a specific Instagram Engagement Rate. Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you better understand this metric.


Instagram Engagement Rate Formulas

Each method of calculating your Instagram Engagement Rate has its own benefits, so decide what you need to know your Engagement Rate for, then gather those stats.

The Instagram Engagement Rate equations are:

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Instagram Engagement Rates


Where Do I Get These Numbers?

For Method 1

To compare different accounts: ((Likes + Comments) / Total Followers) x 100

Total Followers can be found just by clicking on a profile.

Likes + Comments can be found just by clicking on posts. The amount of likes and comments is listed under each post.

For this method, you should really choose a limited time period to look at. Total Followers changes over time so it’s not fair to judge old posts over current Total Followers. It’s also just easier.

Most services that use this method seem to either recommend looking at an account’s last 7 posts, or all the posts over the past 7 days. All posts over the past 7 days would be a more fair measure in our opinion. Whichever you choose, just make sure to be consistent and always use the same one.

Note: This method of measuring Instagram Engagement Rate is the most changeable as it’s a short-term average. It should also be noted that this method punishes buying followers, as followers who don’t engage will drive down this engagement rate.


For Method 2 & 3

2 – To compare against other social media: ((Likes + Comments) / Impressions) x 100

3 – To perform better within Instagram: ((Likes + Comments + Saves) / Reach) x 100

While you can still find Likes, Comments (and Saves) on individual posts, Impressions and Reach are both only available on Instagram Business Accounts.

To sign up for an Instagram business account is very simple, and it doesn’t cost anything. If you are a business you should definitely do this anyway, but even if you are just interested in your stats it’s not a bad move. You can find instructions from Instagram on how to set up (or convert to) a business account here – but basically just go into your settings and tap “Switch to business profile”. In case you’re worried – yes you can switch back to a personal profile later.

Once you have a business profile you get access to extra stats, which you can find by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top right, then choosing Insights. From within this new menu go to Content (the middle tab) and press “See all >” under posts. All your posts will be shown here with a number superimposed over the top (which is by default the number of Instagram Engagements (Likes + Comments + Saves).

If you click on any post you’ll be able to find both impressions and reach.


Top Tip

Collect stats for your posts after a week in a spreadsheet. Always wait at least one week so that the stats are pretty much finalised. Within this spreadsheet, you should have:

  • hashtags used
  • topic
  • format (eg text, image, video etc)
  • category (eg an ask, promo, joke, competition, lifestyle post etc)
  • time, day, and date posted
  • the stats after 2-3 days minimum

This way you’ll be able to do an easy analysis on your performance whenever you want. Insights should include what and when to post, and which hashtags are most popular.


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