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Last updated July 2023

We have provided a useful online Follow Ratio Calculator below to work out your Follow Ratio. If you believe the hype, it will also help you work out how cool you are (on social media anyway), as it’s also known as a Cool Ratio.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you understand this metric better. Use it to work out your Follow Rate as well as derive the number of followers or accounts you would need to get a specific Follow Ratio.



What is a Follow Ratio?

Follow Ratio is the number of followers compared to the number of accounts someone is following on Twitter or Instagram. It is also known as the Follower to Following Ratio and occasionally as your Cool Ratio.

Follow Ratio is generally considered a good measure of how ‘good’ an account is. This is because the most interesting Twitter or Instagram accounts will have far more people following them than they are following themselves.

Think of it this way  – imagine everyone (including Oprah) followed just their family members and Oprah on Twitter. This would mean Oprah would have loads of followers but still only follow a few people.


Follow Ratio


Follow Ratio Formula

The equation for Follow Ratio is:

Follow Ratio FormulaClick to enlarge

Follow Ratio = Followers ÷ Accounts Followed


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