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Last updated April 2023

Use this Facebook CTR Calculator to work out the click-through rate of your posts or ads on Facebook. You can also use it to work out the number of impressions and link clicks you would need to get a specific click-through rate.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios using our Facebook Click-Through Rate calculator in order to help you better understand this metric.



What Does CTR Mean?

CTR stands for Click-Through Rate. A click-through is when a user clicks on an ad or post and goes through to a different webpage.

Click-Through Rate is one of the simplest ways to compare the performance of ads or posts. It is slightly more important and informative than engagement rate as it shows that people were interested enough in your post or ad to leave Facebook (which most people are reluctant to do).

CTR is a better measure of success than simply the number of clicks an ad or post has received.

For example:

Post ONE seen 2,000 times and clicked on 60 times.
Post TWO  – seen 20,000 times and clicked on 550 times.

Although Post TWO has had more clicks, it has also had ten times more opportunities for clicks. If you multiply Post ONE‘s clicks by 10 (so they have the same number of opportunities), it actually has more clicks!

This is why it isn’t fair to judge ads or posts simply by clicks. A CTR tells you how ads with equal opportunities can perform.


What is Different About CTR on Facebook?

Facebook measures CTR in the same way as everyone else. The difference is simply the definition – Facebook has to specify what sort of clicks are included in its CTR. It uses “Link clicks” as opposed to just clicks.

This is because you can click on ads and posts on Facebook without leaving the site. This can be to expand the text beneath an image, to play a video, to like (etc). Therefore clicks which leave the site (ie click-throughs) need to be separated from the rest.

When calculating your CTR from Facebook, make sure to use this metric instead of just clicks.


Facebook CTR Formula

The Facebook CTR equation is:

The Facebook CTR Formula is Total Link Clicks divided by Impressions. As this is a percentage, you should multiply it by 100.Click to enlarge

CTR = (Link Clicks x 100) ÷ impressions


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