Facebook Cost Per Result Calculator

We have provided a useful Facebook Cost per result Calculator below. Use it to work out your cost per result on Facebook as well as derive the total results and spend you would need to get a specific Cost per result. Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you better understand this metric.

Note: Cost per Result is Facebook’s version of CPA. You can find our standard CPA calculator here.


Facebook Cost Per Result Formula

The Facebook Cost per result equation is:

Facebook Cost Per Result FormulaClick to enlarge

Facebook Cost Per Result = Results ÷ Total Amount Spent


Where Do I Get These Numbers?

What is a Result?

A “Result” is Facebook’s version of a conversion. Facebook is using the broadest possible definition of a conversion, however, and so anything that a Facebook campaign is targeting is referred to as a “Result”. This includes (but is not limited to) engagements, purchases, clicks, video views, leads, and more.


Which columns do I need to use in Ad Manager?

In Facebook Ads Manager you can find these numbers in many of the column presets. Simply click the dropdown menu next to the “View setup” slider and choose Performance, Performance and clicks, Targeting and creative, or Bidding and optimisation to get columns for Results and Amount Spent.

You can also click “Customise Columns” to create your own view.


Views which contain Cost Per Results in Facebook Ad Manager

Views which contain Cost Per Results in Facebook Ad Manager

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