Engagement Rate Calculator

We have provided a useful Engagement Rate Calculator below. Use it to work out your Engagement Rate as well as derive the number of ad impressions and engagements you would need to get a specific Engagement Rate.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you better understand this metric.



What Does Engagement Rate Mean?

The Engagement Rate of a campaign is the percentage of people who saw a piece of content or ad and engaged with it. This metric can be used for either ads or content. Due to this, the type of impressions used in the equation below just means the view.

Note: This metric is occasionally used as the percentage of engagements per user, in which case you would just replace impressions with users in the equation.


Engagement Rate Formula

The engagement rate equation is:


Engagement Rate FormulaClick to enlarge

Engagement Rate = Engagements × 100 ÷ Impressions


What Is A Good Engagement Rate?

According to data collected and analysed through our Engagement Rate calculator, the average engagement rate globally across platforms is 3%-4%.

The best marketers (the top 25%) average between 6%-7%, while the bottom 25% of advertisers get around 2%. These are very general benchmarks but are useful if you need to add some context to your performance.

If your results are…

  • above 6%, you should be very pleased
  • above 4% figure, you should be slightly pleased
  • below 3% figure, you should be slightly disappointed
  • below 2% figure, you should be very disappointed

Most results are somewhere in the middle, so between 2-6% you are more or less doing ok.

The best benchmark is always your past performance. If you performed better compared to the same time last year then that is important. This benchmark is more useful for context than a direct comparison.


[Take a look at our Engagement Rate Benchmark Tool to filter these results and make them more relevant to you]



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