CPvM Calculator (Cost Per Viewed Thousand)

CPvM stands for Cost Per Viewed Thousand Impressions and means that a payout is triggered every time a thousand ads are viewed. The M means thousand as it is the roman numeral for 1,000. Our CPvM Calculator below will help you understand this pricing model better, by letting you experiment with different scenarios.

CPvM is also known as vCPM by some people.

CPvM is a variation of CPM in that when you pay on a CPM basis you are paying for every time a thousand ads are loaded. On a CPvM basis however the ad has to actually appear on screen (well at least 50% of it does for one second).

CPvM is also commonly referred to as Cost Per Viewable Impression (or occasionally viewable cost per thousand impressions). As you generally pay for ad campaigns once they are finished Cost Per Viewed Impressions makes most sense.


CPvM Formula

The equation for CPvM (or vCPM) is:

CPvM Equation (or vCPM Equation)

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CPvM = (Cost / viewable impressions) x 1000
(it could also be expressed as: CPvM = (Cost / ad impressions) x 1000 x % viewed)

If you are trying to work out the CPvM of a campaign, use our handy CPvM Calculator below. We also help you to work out how many viewable ad impressions you have so you can use this work out how much you can get from this ad pricing model.


Our CPvM Calculator:

To work out how many viewable impressions you have in the first place, you’ll need to get an overall viewability rate to work off. Study Break Media has provided a reasonable guide if you don’t have access to tools which can do this for you. Otherwise if you know how many viewable impressions vs ad impressions you have then you can work out your viewability rate:

Once you have your overall percentage, you can use this calculator for individual deals:


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