CPV Calculator (Cost Per View)

We have provided a useful CPV Calculator below to work out your CPV as well as derive the number of views and cost you would need to get a specific CPV.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you understand this pricing model better.


What Does CPV Mean?

CPV stands for Cost Per View and means that a payout is triggered every time an ad is viewed. It is mostly used for video advertising these days, on video platforms such as YouTube.

On skippable video ads, the payment is usually not triggered unless the video is not skipped for a minimum period (ie at least 30 seconds have to be seen by a user to count as a view).


CPV Formula

The equation to work out Cost Per View couldn’t be simpler:

Cost Per View or CPV EquationClick to enlarge

CPV = Cost ÷ Views


Why Choose CPV Ads?

CPV ads are an oddity in online advertising because you are often paying for one thing while also hoping the opposite happens. The point of most ads is to drive an action – eg a click or a conversion.

However, if someone clicks on your video ad before it is watched all the way through then you won’t get the view you are paying for. The most clicks you get, the fewer views you get.

YouTube has worked out a reasonable way around this – with TrueView ads you get charged for views (of 30 seconds or more) or clicks. This means that both you (and they) win either way, which makes a lot of sense to be honest.

In general, if you want clicks then you should pay for clicks – not run a CPV campaign and hope for the best. If you think your video is great for branding though, go with CPV ads.


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