CPE Calculator (Cost Per Engagement)

We have provided a useful CPE Calculator below, which you can use to work out your Cost Per Engagement. You can also derive the number of engagements (or money) you would need to get a specific CPE.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios in order to help you understand this pricing model better.


What Does CPE Mean?

CPE stands for Cost Per Engagement, which means that a payout is triggered every time a user engages with an ad (or content). An engagement is any type of user interaction.

This can include actions that seem worthless – like pausing and muting videos. It can also include actions that are of high value – such as submitting contact details or making a purchase.

CPE can also be used to measure how much you are paying for each engagement. Engagement is especially relevant these days as social media platforms focus on engagement as one of their most-used metrics.

Due to this, calculating CPEs is a great way to understand the relative cost of campaigns. CPE is also therefore like the eCPM of social media.

Note: If clicks are the only engagement being tracked, then the CPE is no different from the CPC.


CPE Formula

The equation for Cost Per Engagement is:

CPE Equation or Formula used in our CPE CalculatorClick to enlarge

Cost Per Engagement = Amount Spent ÷ Engagements


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