Cost Per Follower Calculator

Find out exactly how much each follower has or will cost you with this useful Cost Per Follower Calculator.

Feel free to experiment with different scenarios to help you understand how much your audience has cost you. Use it to work out your Cost Per Follower or the number of followers you would need to hit a specific target.



Note: It is never worth buying followers from third-party companies. Bought followers are likely to get banned, leaving you with nothing for your money.


How to Use This Calculator

On most social networks, there is an option to advertise your profile. The success metric for this type of ad campaign is followers.

Put the number of followers you have (or gained) in the above calculator and the amount the ad campaign cost you. This calculator can help you work out your results and plan for the future.

By calculating your cost per follower each month and recording it, you can budget accordingly and ensure your ad campaigns are working as well as possible.


The True Cost Per Follower

You can also use this calculator to work out the ‘true’ cost of each of your followers. To do this, you need to include costs such as:

  • All of your advertising costs on the platform, regardless of the goal
  • The amount you spend on social media programmes (such as schedulers)
  • The cost of the time you spend on your social account


Top Tip: If you are unsure of the value of your time, use one of the following:

  1. The amount you are paid for influencer work divided by the hours you spent on it
  2. Your hourly wage at your current or previous job
  3. The minimum wage


If you include all of these in your calculations, then you can find out the true cost of each follower you gain. You can then use this figure to benchmark your performance and see if you can lower your cost per follower by doing things such as:

Again, we recommend recording your cost per follower over time (at the start of each month) to track if you are improving.


The Cost Per Follower Formula

The equation to work out your cost per follower is:


The Cost Per Follower Formula, which is Total Costs divided by Total FollowersClick to enlarge

Cost Per Follower = Cost ÷ Followers


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