Ad Calculators

Whether it be price or performance, there are so many things you will need to calculate in online advertising. How many clicks do your ads need to hit your target CPI? What viewability rate will make a CPvM rate worthwhile? How many impressions will it take to make you rich?

Use our handy Ad Calculators to work out what you need to know quickly and easily. To put it needlessly epically: understand metrics, understand your site.


Calculators for Revenue

Ad Revenue ForecasterAd Revenue Forecaster Inventory ForecasterInventory Forecaster ROI CalculatorROI Calculator ROAS CalculatorROAS Calculator Lifetime Value CalculatorLifetime Value Calculator Impression RPM CalculatorImpression RPM Calculator Page RPM CalculatorPage RPM Calculator


Calculators for Cost

CPA CalculatorCPA Calculator CPC CalculatorCPC Calculator CPM CalculatorCPM Calculator CPV CalculatorCPV Calculator CPE CalculatorCPE Calculator CPL CalculatorCPL Calculator CPI CalculatorCPI Calculator CPD CalculatorCPD Calculator CPvM CalculatorCPvM Calculator PPC CalculatorPPC Calculator



Ad Performance Calculators

Conversion Rate CalculatorConversion Rate Calculator CTR CalculatorCTR Calculator Engagement Rate CalculatorEngagement Rate Calculator eCPM CalculatoreCPM Calculator Viewability Rate CalculatorViewability Rate Calculator Response Rate CalculatorResponse Rate Calculator Install Rate CalculatorInstall Rate Calculator VTR CalculatorVTR Calculator CPC vs CPM TesterCPC vs CPM Tester Value for Money CalculatorValue for Money Calculator


Calculators for Social Media

Cost Per Follower CalculatorCost Per Follower Calculator Engagement Rate CalculatorEngagement Rate Calculator Follow Ratio CalculatorFollow Ratio Calculator
Facebook CTR CalculatorFacebook CTR Calculator Facebook Engagement Rate CalculatorFacebook Engagement Rate Facebook Cost Per Result CalculatorFacebook Cost Per Result Instagram Engagement Rate CalculatorInstagram Engagement Rate LinkedIn Engagement Rate CalculatorLinkedIn Engagement Rate LinkedIn CTR CalculatorLinkedIn CTR Calculator TikTok CPM CalculatorTikTok CPM Calculator TikTok Engagement Rate CalculatorTikTok Engagement Rate Twitter Engagement Rate CalculatorTwitter Engagement Rate YouTube Engagement Rate CalculatorYouTube Engagement Rate YouTube Cost Per View CalculatorYouTube Cost Per View Calculator YouTube CPM CalculatorYouTube CPM Calculator



Calculators for Email Marketing

Email Bounce Rate CalculatorEmail Bounce Rate Calculator Open Rate CalculatorOpen Rate Calculator CTOR CalculatorClick-To-Open Rate Calculator Unsub Rate CalculatorUnsub Rate Calculator


Date Comparison Calculators

Week-on-Week CalculatorWeek-on-Week Calculator Month-on-Month CalculatorMonth-on-Month Calculator Year-on-Year CalculatorYear-on-Year Calculator


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