Editorial Guidelines

Much of the information on The Online Advertising Guide is crowd-sourced. It’s been our pleasure to have some of the smartest digital marketers out there contribute to this site.

However, we are no longer accepting submissions from new guest post authors. This is in large part due to AI-generated content lowering the standard of submissions significantly.

We do occasionally invite new authors to write for us, but any cold requests for guest posts, sponsored posts, link insertions, or link exchanges will be rejected. If you are invited to write for us or have written for us before we request that you continue to abide by the following rules:

    1. Proofread your work. Bad spelling and grammar are unacceptable, and work that hasn’t had basic checks applied to it will be rejected out of hand.
    2. Don’t talk about how the internet is new. This site is about advertising online, and can only be viewed online. None of our visitors needs to hear about how “the internet has changed things”.
    3. Don’t talk about NOW. We try to focus on evergreen content – content that will stand the test of time and will always be relevant. So please, don’t reference current world events or use the year in the title (unless it’s vital that you do).
    4. Write as simply as possible. Always write as if you are explaining a concept to someone who has never heard any digital marketing terms before.
    5. Don’t add photos or images unless you have made them yourself. Add screenshots to your article if you wish, or explicitly tell us that images are copyright free, otherwise, we won’t use any images you send (so please don’t send them).
    6. Don’t reuse your work. If you have published something somewhere else, we don’t want it (unless we are syndicating your blog – see below). If you publish something on our site, then don’t publish it again elsewhere – we own content once it has been published on our site (unless otherwise agreed), so please respect that.
    7. One a month max. To give our other guest posters a chance, we will never publish two articles from the same guest posters in one month.


Guest Post Rules

The rules we have for Guest Posts are as follows:

We want to share the best advice around digital marketing possible. To that end, we will only consider articles from authors with verifiable expertise on their subject. This means:

  • We are not accepting new authors. You must have written for us before to have a submission considered.
  • No freelance writers.
  • All authors must have a job title related to marketing, work at a marketing company, be the owner of a company/website, or be an author on the subject.



  • Posts must be a minimum of 800 words.
  • All posts must be checked for grammar and spelling mistakes before submission.
  • We will only accept unique content – all submissions will be checked.
  • We reserve the right to make minor editorial changes if necessary.
  • An author bio (with a picture) must be included of no more than 30 words and can contain one site link and one social media link.



  • All links will be editorially reviewed. This means they must provide value to our readers in the context they are placed or they will be removed.
  • Posts may include relevant outbound links only. We reserve the right to remove links to spammy sites or sites unrelated to digital marketing.
  • All links within posts must have value to our audience. This means no links to sales pages, products, or services are allowed (unless they are unique).
  • All posts will have links to our glossary automatically inserted on appropriate words.
  • Each Guest Post has an author bio which can contain a link to the author’s site.
  • We offer Guest Posts in order to share expert knowledge with our readers. While links to examples are fine (eg look how great this landing page works), we are not here to help you link-build for your SEO clients – and so will no-follow or remove links that we don’t endorse.
  • No links to the following types of sites are allowed in the article itself, or the Author Bio (we reserve the right to add to this list):
    • essay writing services
    • gambling sites
    • payday loan schemes
    • follower or like selling services



  • Posts may contain images, which must be under 1 mb.
  • Images must either be owned by the author or have no usage restrictions. This must be made clear in the email submitting the article, or the images will not be used.
  • Images with watermarks will not be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to add any images we see fit to articles.


Scheduling & Promotion:

  • We fully own the final content and will promote it as we see fit (usually through our social media channels, and possibly by email). We also request that you promote it through your social media channels once published.
  • Our guest posting service is quite popular, and we operate a first-come-first-serve policy. Once your post is accepted, it will likely be at least one month before it is published.


Post Duration

  • All guest posts will stay live for at least two years.
  • If an article is good enough, we will turn your post into a permanent page as part of one of our guides, complete with your author bio (and links) attached.



Sponsored Posts

We do not accept sponsored posts, nor will we insert new links into existing articles.