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The online advertising world is still evolving at a rapid pace. We try to stay up-to-date and provide the best advice and knowledge out there, but like everyone, sometimes we fall short.

So if you disagree with anything you see on this site, have something important to add, or simply have a different (and useful) take we would love to know.

If you say something interesting/useful enough for us to update the site, we’ll give you credit and possibly a precious backlink too.

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Bad Ads

As you may have noticed, there is advertising on this site. We work with our ad networks to try to make sure no bad ads appear – meaning broken ads (or ones that break the site), scams (eg just floating “Download” buttons), or anything that clearly just shouldn’t be here. Those sorts of ads aren’t welcome here.

If you see any ads like this, please let us know and we’ll try to get it removed asap – email When you get in touch it would help if you include:

  • a screenshot of the ad
  • what country you are in
  • what time of day it was when you saw the ad
  • the page you saw the ad on
  • what browser you were using

All of these things make it easier to track down bad ads. If you can’t include them all, don’t worry get in touch anyway.

In case you were wondering, this applies to pretty much all websites – if you see a bad ad anywhere on the internet then tell the site. Websites don’t want ads to annoy their visitors, and so they’ll likely do what they can to get rid of the worst offenders.