About Us

The Online Advertising Guide is written by Justin Driskill, a Media Professional with around a decade of experience at different sized Publishers, Digital Agencies and Ad Networks with contributions coming from a variety of sources from within the advertising industry.

The reason I created The Online Advertising Guide is that I have seen from the inside that the online advertising industry is not geared towards helping out small sites. In fact the way things are going, small sites are getting more and more squeezed out which I think is terrible for the internet at large. For the internet to be the best it can be in my opinion, we all need small sites to be built and to thrive so everything can be pushed forward and new contributors can have a place to practice their skills before they hit the big time. I also personally want it to continue to be, well, the interesting and bizarre place that it currently is. So I made this site to help SME’s succeed in a difficult and confusing marketplace.

I recommend many of Google’s products simply because they have bought many great advertising platforms over the years, and they usually focus on simplicity and usability so they are often good for beginners. I have consulted with many of my friends and colleagues who work at various levels within the media industry for all of the content on this site, but in the main it is based on my experience and expertise, and so is essentially my opinion only and should not be considered definitive.

If you would like to contact me about any information on the site, whether to request more information to be included or to dispute what is already published I’m all ears, so please feel free to contact me here