What Do I Want From My Ad?

Before you buy any advertising space you need to ask yourself “What do I want from my ad?”. By having a clear focus on what you want from your ad from the outset you can minimize wasting money as well as maximise results.

Online advertisers goals are generally one of the following:

  • Sell products or services
  • Gather leads
  • Drive visitors to your site
  • Increase brand awareness

We recommend that you decide from these four which category your ad should fall into. This is because each goal necessitates a different type of ad design:

  • If you want it to sell products then your ad should mention the products in your ad.
  • If you want more leads you need to pique users interest enough to give you their details.
  • If you want more visitors then you should tout the reasons why your site is good.
  • If you just want Brand awareness you should make your ad highlight your logo, tagline and brand values.

You can of course try and accomplish more than one goal from this list with just one ad campaign if you like, but in our experience the more diluted the goal, the more diluted the results. If you have multiple goals, run multiple ad campaigns concurrently and split your budget based on priority.

Once you have your goals figured out, you then need to decide which metrics you should focus on to test whether you have achieved your goal.


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