Buying Ad Space

If you’re just getting started buying online advertising, or you’ve been doing your best but need some help, then read our guide to learn what’s what.

Deciding what is the best thing to do can be overwhelming for anyone. This isn’t coincidental – it’s intentional. The less you know, the more the professionals can take advantage of you.

This basic guide to ad buying is intended to balance that situation.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.



1. Introduction to Buying Ad Space

2. What Do I Want From My Ad?

2.1 Ask For A Frequency Cap

2.2 Reporting And Metrics

3. Where To Advertise

4. How Much Should I Pay

4.1 Rate Cards Are Never Adhered To

4.2 Test Campaigns/Budgets

5. Judging My Campaign

5.1 People React Uniformly

5.2 When Can I Judge My Campaign?

5.3 Granular Reporting

6. Optimising My Campaign

6.1 What CTR Should I Am For?

6.2 Shouldn’t I Aim For A Lower CPC?

7. Conversion Tracking

8. Advanced Optimising

8.1 Value for Money Test

8.2 When to Switch From CPC To CPM

9. Making The Most From My Ads

9.1 The Salesperson Is The Key

9.2 Keeping Users Interested

9.3 New Isn’t Always Good

10. Demanding Compensation

Types of Advertising Glossary



Ad Buyer Definition


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