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This week we’re focusing on CPD. Find out everything you need to know below about this convenient form of ad rate.

CPD stands for Cost Per Day, and simply means paying for ads based on the number of full days they are shown, as opposed to the number of times they are shown (or clicks or conversions they get).

Small sites which are short on time can maximise their revenue while minimising the time they spend on managing their ads if they utilise this well. The key is to sell simple, long term deals.

Conversely, giant sites can make even more from their ad inventory by selling off parts of their sites for more than the inventory alone is worth, but cashing in on their brand value.

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Cost Per Day Definition (or CPD Definition)

Buying Ads on a CPD Basis

Q: When should you buy ads on a CPD basis? A: When being associated with a site will help you out.

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Selling Ads on a CPD Basis

Q: When should you sell ads on a CPD basis? A: When the advertiser is right & your site is HUGE or tiny.

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CPD Calculator

CPD Calculator IconCalculate, speculate & investigate your CPD with our Cost Per Day calculator.

How much can your site make daily?

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One of the most profitable ad units to sell on a CPD basis. Find out about changing a site’s design for advertising.

Be more comfortable in your reskin.

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Top tips from around the web

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Check out this helpful digital marketing benchmark report from Ad Form, comparing performance across ad units.

Page 18 shows “takeover” units crushing everything else!
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This is from 2009 from iMedia, but is still exceptionally useful for ad buyers to read.

Homepage Takeover ad that works.
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