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This week we’re focusing on analytics. Find out everything you need to know below about this vital facet of online advertising.

The term analytics generally describes measurable data about a website or ad campaign which has been analysed.

Analytics also informally refers to programs such as Google Analytics, which present data in a format which makes it easy for you to analyse.

Like everything online however, there are people who are trying to subvert the gathering of analytics for their own nefarious ends. We explore how to deal with bad analytics actors in this month’s Early Morning Train Blog.

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Analytics Definition

Reporting and Metrics

Never before has advertising been so trackable, but what metrics should you demand?

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Non-Human Traffic

Non-Human Traffic generally means any visits to a website by bots, and is MUCH more common that you may think. Find out about this tiny scourge.

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How it works: Non-Human Traffic

Inventory Forecasting

Inventory forecasting is essentially predicting the future. Use your analytics to make an educated guess.

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Discrepancies in Reporting

You have 3 ads per page & 10,000 page views. That means 30,000 ads right? WRONG! Learn how and why discrepancies occur.

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Fill Rate

Not every Ad Network will fill every ad slot you send them. Find out how to factor in your fill rate.

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Top tips from around the web

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Comparing the right date ranges can make your data much clearer. Check out these AMAZINGLY simple tips >

If your site uses PDFs, make sure they’re tracked by Google Analytics like any other page. Read the guide >

Exporting data from Google Analytics can be more nuanced than you think. Make sure you know the tricks. Read the guide >

An interesting case study on advertising for Lead Generation. Use their analytics to inform your strategy. Read the post >


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