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This week we’re focusing on frequency. Find out everything you need to know about this vital facet of online advertising.

Frequency is an online advertising metric which measures how many ad impressions each user of an ad or campaign sees. It is generally expressed as per time period as in 1/24 (meaning one ad impression per twenty four hours).

Frequency is an old school advertising measure, with the general wisdom being more is better. However with digital marketing technology being so great at measurement, strong arguments can be made for limiting daily exposure at the very least.

This not only improves performance (as a user is likely only to click on an ad once), but also reach (as a cap per user stops ad spend being eaten up by highly active users).

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Frequency definition

Ask for a Frequency Cap

Want your ads to be seen by more people? Ask for a frequency cap – less can be more!

Maximise your ad budget.

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Selling Ads On A CPL Basis

A frequency cap can boost the eCPM of a CPL campaign.

Sell Lead Generation campaigns the right way.

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Frequency Formula

Selling Ads On A CPA Basis

For display CPA campaigns on your site, set the frequency cap to 1/24 high priority, then unlimited low priority.

Scoop up as many conversions as possible.

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Selling Ads On A CPC Basis

For display CPC campaigns on your site, set the frequency cap to once per day to max your eCPM.

Everybody gets a chance to click, but don’t be weird about it.

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Selling Ads On A CPM Basis

A frequency cap on a CPM campaign seriously reduces sellable impressions.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

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Top tips from around the web

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