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This week we’re focusing on CTR (AKA Click-Through Rate). Find out everything you need to know about this vital facet of online advertising.

CTR is an online advertising metric which measures how many clicks an ad receives per ad impression (expressed as a percentage).

CTR is possibly the most common and powerful measure of ad performance. Websites and ad campaigns of all different sizes can be compare by using CTR (rather than just clicks).

While it’s important to have a good CTR (as it implies strong user interest), conversions should be focussed on where possible.

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CTR Definition

What CTR Should I aim for?

CTR is a great measure of how well a campaign is doing, but what CTR should you be aiming for? Find out the benchmarks.

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Value for Money Test

Combine CTR and CPC into one magically useful metric: VfM.

Reevaluate your PPC campaigns.

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CTR Equation (Click-Through Rate)

When To Switch From CPC To CPM

Eventually it makes more sense to pay for impressions than clicks.

Find out when to switch from CPC to CPM.

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CTR Calculator

CTR Calculator IconCalculate, speculate & investigate your CTR with our Click-Through Rate calculator.

Compare your performance. 

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Click Definition

A click isn’t just a click.

Find out all the ways to think about this ubiquitous metric.

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