WC 14th Nov: Cost Per Action

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This week we’re focusing on Cost Per Action (AKA CPA or Cost Per Acquisition). Find out everything you need to know about this vital facet of online advertising.

Cost Per Action is a type of advertising rate where the advertiser only pays when they get what they want (an action).

An action can be anything – generally a sale, but potentially anything (a phone call, a download, a video play, ANYTHING).

CPA campaigns are best for advertisers, but worst for websites. Learn more about this ad rate to find out what can you do to tip the scales back.

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Cost Per Action definition

Selling Ads on a CPA Basis

Q: Should you sell ads on a #CPA basis? A: Yes! (if you have spare space on your site and it’s a good advertiser).

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Buying Ads on a CPA Basis

Q: Should you buy ads on a #CPA basis? A: Yes! (If you have the opportunity and the technology). Cost Per Action ftw.

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CPA Formula (Cost Per Acquisition)

Conversion Definition

A conversion is when the thing that you want to happen, happens. Know your goals.

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CPA Calculator

CPA Calculator IconCalculate, speculate & investigate your CPA with our Cost Per Action calculator.

Optimise your Conversions.

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Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is vital to be able to optimise your site. Know how, when and where your sales occurred.

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Top tips from around the web

CPA Icon

A GREAT guide from Wordstream on the words you should never use when chasing down conversions. Read the guide >

There are so many ways to optimise your conversions, you really don’t have to focus on landing page optimisation only. Read the guide from Social Media Today >

If you’re working towards conversions on AdWords, Google has some great advice for you. Read their guide >


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