How Much Money Can I Make?

“How much money can I make?” is likely the first question you asked yourself when considering online advertising. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to predict how much money you can make as every site has a unique earning potential.

Through AdSense (which is the most basic ad network you would expect to join) you could expect to earn (on average) around £100 for every 40,000 ad impressions (which would be around 15,000 page impressions taking fill rate into account). That is of course just an estimate and can always be improved upon, but would come to an eCPM of £2.50.

However much money you earn in your first three months of advertising should be set as your benchmark for the future. Work out your eCPM (the total amount of revenue divided by the total amount of ads served. multiple the result by 1,000 – use our eCPM calculator for convenience) and then try and improve on it  by experimenting with new ad networks and ad sizes. By only comparing your site to it’s own past performance you will be able to improve in a logical way.

WARNING: There seems to be frequent references around the internet that you should expect at least a $10 eCPM. There is no basis for this – some sites will easily surpass this amount, others will never come close. The sites which do surpass this amount make a lot of noise about it, but are not representative of the internet at large.

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