Glossary: Y is for…

Welcome to our glossary of online advertising terms!

Find out more about online advertising terms that start with the letter Y.



One of the oldest Search Engines.


Yahoo! Bing Network

The Yahoo! Bing Network is an Ad Platform joint venture from Yahoo! and Bing and is a way to easily put contextual ads on your website to earn money from online advertising.



Yield in online advertising is a generic metric term. It kind of means “the amount you got out of something”, so can be used like “this website had a yield of 20,000 ads” or to describe money “these ads yielded $2,000”. The ‘yield’ of ads can also be said be their eCPM “These ads yielded an eCPM of £4.50”.


Yield Management

Yield Management refers to attempting to improve the Yield of something. It can be a full time job (a Yield Manager), but also can be handled by Ad Servers automatically.



YouTube is a video network owned by Google. It runs the most VOD ads of any video network, and offers easy to set up video advertising to users.


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