Glossary: W is for…

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Find out more about online advertising terms that start with the letter W.


Wait Marketing

Wait Marketing is the process of advertising to people while they are waiting. In online advertising an example would be Pre-Game advertising (presuming the ad is shown during the games loading time). Wait Marketing is often considered especially effective as a consumer’s guard is down while waiting, and they are looking for something to occupy their mind so are especially susceptible to advertising (it’s why they put magazines and sweets at supermarket checkouts).



The order in which Ad Networks are used is often referred to as “The Waterfall” as in “that network is doing well, so we should move them up in the waterfall”.


Web App

A Web App is a website which functions like a program (such as Netflix for example). For users there is no real difference between a Web App and a website.



A webcast is something that is broadcast on the internet.



An individual page on a website.


White Hat

In online advertising, White Hat refers to practices which are above board or “good”. For example White Hat SEO would involve improving a sites Search Ranking by making better content (whereas a Black Hat might just fill the content with keywords). The term comes from old Western movies where the good guy would often where a white cowboy hat, and the bad guy would wear a black cowboy hat.


Wide Skyscraper

A Wide Skyscraper is a 160 Pixels (wide) by 600 Pixels (tall) ad unit also known as a Skyscraper.

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Stands for World Wide Web in case you were wondering.



Pronounced whizzy-wig (seriously!), this acronym stands for What You See Is What You Get. It refers to a design program where you can see the end product design while you are designing it, as opposed to having to work with code and flipping back and forward. It is usually used in reference to webpage making programs, and email marketing programs.


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