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Find out more about online advertising terms that start with the letter Q.


QR Code

A QR Code is a set of pixels that can be read by an app, usually used to direct users to a webpage. It is intended to be an easy way to get users to a website, as a QR code could be placed on a poster (for example), which users would then only need to take a picture of on their smart phones to access the site. It should be noted that QR codes should never be used on websites as they actually make it harder to travel from one page to another than using traditional links.


Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads are leads which are likely to become sales, as they have had some secondary test performed on them after being gathered to demonstrate their quality.



Qualitative means the qualities of something that cannot be measured. For example if you think that one ad looks better than another you could say it is qualitatively better, as your opinion cannot be numerically measured.



Quantitative means the qualities of something that can be measured. For example if an ad has a higher CTR than a another ad, it could be said to be quantitatively better.



A Quartile is a statistical term which means the quarter which something statistically resides in. For example, if your ad performance was in the bottom quartile, it would mean that it was in the bottom 25% of ad performances.


Queries Per Second

Queries Per Second (QPS) is the number of times a request is sent to a server per second. With regards to online advertising, it is used as an informal measure of how successful an Ad Server or Ad Platform is doing – the more queries per second (Ad Calls), the more popular the service.



A query is any request for information. For example a search in a Search Engine is a query, as is the specific setup of a report run in an Analytics Platform.


Quote Tweet

A Quote Tweet is a term on Twitter for when you retweet the URL of a tweet and add a comment. Twitter recognises this format and will nest the tweet you are quoting within your tweet.


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