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Find out more about online advertising terms that start with the letter N.


Native Advertising

Native Ads are ads that are intended not to look like ads. For example they could be advertorial or even standard ads which are intentionally styled like the website they are on so as to appear as part of the site. They are essentially the product placement of the online advertising world.


Negative Targeting

The process of targeting an ad away from a user or piece of content. For example an airline may want to target all content on a website about travel and holidays, however it would want to negatively target content about plane crashes.



Etiquette on the internet.


Non-Human Traffic

Non-Human Traffic is any website traffic not generated by a user. Legitimate reasons for this traffic may include Search Enginescrawling” your site to map it out, whereas illegitimate reasons may be fraudsters using bots to artificially pump up their impressions.

Good analytics platforms will be able to filter out search engines crawling sites, and in some cases artificial traffic generated by bots too.

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Non-Guaranteed Inventory

Non-Guaranteed Inventory is the term used when an unspecified amount of inventory is purchased. This is usually a mechanism for selling off remnant inventory, and so sold at a discount rate (‘whatever we can’t sell to other people, you can have at a discount’).

It can also be Non-Guaranteed Inventory because it is opportunistic – the total amount available is unknown (a new site/microsite’s inventory for example or behaviourally targeted inventory). Any time when you are agreeing a price, but not a minimum amount of impressions, it is considered non-guaranteed (so this would include purchases through RTB platforms).


Non-Linear Video Ads

A Non-Linear Video Ad is a video ad which is not based on simply watching a video to get the message across. They can include items outside the ad which make up part of the ad (such as images or text which relate to the video) or else links inside a video which can affect the video (which is why they are referred to as non-linear).


Non-Organic Traffic

Non-Organic Traffic means traffic which has been paid for. This would include users on a site who came from clicking on an online ad.


Non-Session Data

Non-Session Data is information that cannot be gleaned from a user by their usage of a site. This should mean that the data is unobtainable to the site, but through a combination of informed guesswork and cookies, many Analytics Platforms can still provide this data to sites. There are also many companies which can take your data and match it up to user records, although the legality of this varies from place to place so it is not recommended.


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