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Landing Page

Generic term for the webpage that loads after you click on an advert.


Large Rectangle

A 336 pixels (wide) by 280 pixels (tall) Ad Unit also known as an LREC.

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A potential customer.


Lead Generation

Lead Generation (or Lead Gen) is the gathering of potential customers contact information and can be the main goal for an online Advertising Campaign. For example a newsletter sign up on a website generates a lead, as the person who signs up has given their contact information and has demonstrated interest in what the website is about (although this is actually considered quite a weak lead). Examples of a strong lead would be someone signing up for a test drive of a car, or registering their email address to be informed when a product or service becomes available – in both cases the user is indicating they have a strong desire to purchase.



A 728 pixels (wide) by 90 pixels (tall) Ad Unit known as a Leaderboard.

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A “Like” is a Social Media term, meaning when a user clicks a button to show they like or approve of something. As this is now a prevalent form of positive feedback on the internet, its meaning has been watered down somewhat, and is often used to express any sort of positive feelings towards the post or item or person that the Like button is attached to. For social media marketers, getting Likes on Posts is the usual manner of demonstrating success, along with Engagements and Reach.


Linear Video Ads

Linear Video Ads are simply Video Ads which convey a message by being watched (as opposed to Non-Linear Video Ads which may have other interactive components).



A link is when clicking on something (usually words or an image) on one webpage leads to another webpage.


Long Click

A Long Click is when a user clicks on a site on a search engine, and then doesn’t repeat that search on the search engine again for a long time. This indicates to the search engine that the site clicked on provided good information, and is therefore a good search result.


Long Tail

The Long Tail refers to the vast majority of websites which get comparatively little traffic, but which, when taken altogether, make up a significant volume. The term was coined by Chris Anderson who it explains it here. It can also be used to refer to keywords in the same way.


Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit is an expression which means the easiest things to do out of a set of things. For example the low hanging fruit in maths homework would be the questions you could do without thinking about them.




A 336 pixels (wide) by 280 pixels (tall) Ad Unit also known as a Large Rectangle.

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