Glossary: J is for…

Welcome to our glossary of online advertising terms!

Find out more about online advertising terms that start with the letter J.



A programming language used for web-applications. Not to be confused with the far more prevalent JavaScript.



JavaScript is a type of code used for programming on the web. It is one of the three main types of code used on the internet (along with HTML and CSS) and is not to be confused with Java. Many Rich Media Ad Tags are written in JavaScript, as it is a very versatile and comparatively simple programming language.



A type of image file. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.



jpg is the file extension abbreviation of a JPEG image file.


Jump Page

A jump page is a Microsite that opens after clicking on an ad. It is essentially a pop-up ad which is in the form of a fully formed webpage which has been designed for that purpose only. They often are used to act as a bridge from the website you were on to the advertisers website, and as such will often contain content which links the two.


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