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Gamification is a loose term that means turning things into games. In online advertising it generally means trying to make something fun in order to get people to do it – for example if you want a lot of people to read some information, it could be turned into a quiz.


Gated Content

Gated content refers to any webpages which requires something before you are allowed to view it. For adult content there may be an age gate where users are required to enter their date of birth before being allowed content, or for subscription services a user might have to login and be paid up to gain access.



A type of image file, which can be animated. Gif is an acronym that stands for graphic interchange format.



A glossary is a list of definitions of words that appear in the attached text.



Google+ is Google’s Social Network. It is generally considered to be more focused on businesses and groups than individuals.


Guaranteed Inventory

Guaranteed inventory refers to Ad Buys where a specified amount of inventory is offered. The guarantee usually means that there is usually some sort of penalty for failing to deliver that amount of inventory. In many cases the penalty will be implicit rather than explicit, and will involve the publisher making it up to the Ad Buyer by providing further inventory in the form of a Make Good.


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