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A Social Media term meaning either the list of updates a user has posted, or the list of updates from all the people and companies a user follows on a Social Media Platform.


File Extension

A file extension is the label your computer reads to understand what sort of file it is dealing with (it’s the bit after the full stop). For example a Microsoft Word Document will end in .doc or .docx or a Jpeg will end in .jpeg or .jpg.


Fill Rate

This is the percentage of Inventory sold. The equation is: (Ad impressions sold x 100) / Total Inventory.

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Flash Ad

An ad made using Adobe Flash, which is usually animated, and can be interactive.



A Floater (or Overlay as they are known in the UK) is an IAB Standard Ad Unit which appears as a kind of pop-up within the page the user is viewing.

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FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and basically means anything you would buy in a big supermarket (food, clothes, pharmaceuticals etc).



The bottom edge of a Browser: the area above is what a user sees when they first load a webpage, the area below needs a user to scroll down to see it.



The act of choosing to add someones updates to your Social Media feed (and becoming their follower). For example if you follow five people on Twitter then your feed will be made up of the updates they tweet.



A follower is a Social Media term which means someone who has chosen to see your updates on that Social Media Platform. If someone follows you on Twitter for example, that means that your tweets will turn up in their feed.



A service that has a basic version that is free to use, but for which a premium services can be purchased for additional fees. On a freemium listings site for example it would usually be free to add a listing, but you will often be able to pay to get to the top of the list or have extra features (such as a website URL or map) added to your listing.



How often something occurs. In online advertising, frequency would refer to how often someone sees an ad.

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Frequency Cap

A frequency cap is a setting in ad servers to limit to the number of times an ad is shown. It is usually set as a per unique user per day figure – ie a frequency cap of 3/24 means an ad will appear 3 times per 24 hours (3 per 24 is on average the best frequency cap by the way). Usually used to increase the amount of unique users an ad is shown to, and thereby improve performance.

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