Above The Fold [ATF]

What does Above The Fold mean?

Above The Fold in online advertising (or ATF) refers to the viewable space on a webpage when it first loads. This is a term taken from print media, as the ‘fold’ meant the literal fold in a newspaper, but on a computer has come to mean the bottom of a users screen before scrolling down.

Above The Fold ads are more likely to be interacted with and so many ad buyers will insist their ads are Above The Fold for this reason. This also means these ads can receive a higher CPM than Below The Fold (BTF) ads.

These ads have become so popular, that a new type of Ad Pricing Model has evolved around it – CPVM (which means Cost Per Viewable Thousand Impressions). A Viewable Impression is a term that is still being defined, but is generally accepted to mean an ad which appears more than 50% on screen for at least one second.

As many users will leave a page without interacting at all, ads which are Above The Fold are the only ones which are guaranteed to be Viewed Impressions. This is likely to have a significant effect on web design in the coming years.


What it looks like

The fold on a webpage


Other names for Above The Fold (synonyms)



It’s the opposite of (antonyms)

Below The Fold, BTF


Not to be confused with

Above The Line, ATL



Above The Fold Definition

Author: Justin Driskill

Justin is the founder of The Online Advertising Guide and a freelance Digital Projects Manager.

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